Aquasteel Rust Converter & Primer

Rust Converter and Treatment – All-in-one 


 – for ships, bridges, cars, sea platform legs, metal renovation

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 500ml  250ml  £7.98 Delivered + VAT

 500ml 500ml £12.80 Delivered + VAT

 500ml  1 Litre  £18.24 Delivered + VAT  

   2.5 Litre  £35.00 Delivered + VAT  

 5litres  1 x 5 Litres  £65.00 Delivered + VAT   

4X5L  Box of 4 x 5 Litres £219.33 Delivered + VAT   

 25litres  25 Litre drum £266  Delivered+VAT  

Aquasteel Worldwide Service

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Aquasteel Pallet Quantity is 32 x 25 Litres.

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Aquasteel is non-hazardous in use & for transportation – protecting our oceans & our waterways

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Aquasteel is a unique corrosion control system developed by Bayer-Wood Technologies for use on rusted ferrous metal surfaces.

The ferrous surface to be protected is converted on contact to a complex organic iron compound by the unique deoxygenating agent incorporated in the Aquasteel converter.

This black, corrosion-resistant layer is formed by utilizing all the surface moisture and oxygen during the reduction reaction.
The special copolymer latex emulsion system dries to form an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture.

Aquasteel is water based and solvent free. It contains no harsh phosphoric or hydrofluoric acids, making it safer for employees and for the environment.

Aquasteel can extend paint life in excess of 3 years.

Aquasteel easy preparation, remove rust flakes, de-grease and de-salt, may be applied damp.

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See full Data Sheet for full instructions on preparation, use, application & storage.

Aquasteel Data:

Newly formed rust is chemically ferric hydroxide [Fe (OH) 3] or iron, which has reacted with oxygen (air) and moisture. Iron can combine with oxygen to form a variety of oxides depending on conditions of exposure. One of these oxides is magnetite [Fe 3O 4] or fersoferric oxide, a stable compound, which does not readily change as exposure conditions change. This stability is the basis for the protection. Aquasteel reduces ferric hydroxide to ferrous oxide, then combines with the ferrous oxide to form an organic ferso-fenic complex, which, similar to magnetite, is passivated. When incorporated into a coating system the chemical action of Aquasteel is maintained.

Aquasteel Salt Spray Tests:

Aquasteel panel tests showed no rusting after 750 hours salt fog trials except for on the scribe.

Method of use:

Depending on its condition, the surface to be treated will have to be degreased and wire-brushed to remove loose particles and dust. The white Aquasteel rust converter is then applied by brush or spray. Complete inhibition and protection is achieved immediately. The black protective compound formed on the rusted surfaces does not require washing or passivating. Aquasteel is also an effective paint primer. Two or more coats of Aquasteel are used according to the rust density. Aquasteel can be left in its black finish, or can be over-painted.