Aquasteel in use on ships..

Aquasteel is used extensively in small and large projects for the Global Shipping industry for touch-ups, “between” complete paint coatings,yasmine-10-10-03-083 yasmine-010 repairs, complete deck coatings, rust leaching repairs and streak treatment.  Some of our extensive commercial customers are included here:  Carnival UK, CMA CGM, CSL Europe, DAO, Evergreen, Maersk, Stenna, Serco, DUKE OF LANCASTER, RMS QUEEN MARY 2, HM vessels, Andrew Weir, CMA, Woolwich Ferry, Marfret, BP, Northern Marine, International Tanker Management, Goodwood, Lomar, V-Group, Bibby, Bluewater, ASP

The marine environment is the most extreme and testing of applications which is where our product Aquasteel Rust Converter was designed to be used to give ultimate long term protection providing a fast and easy to apply solution.

Marine coatings fail because of many reasons, poor application, ruptures, knocks and scrapes and steel repair where the ship coating has been compromised.

You can rely on Aquasteel for the quick and effective  solution to everyday problems that you need to fix fast and often while at sea.