Marine Rust Treatment Corrosion Applications

The maintenance and repair of ships is in many cases the most costly coatings decision that confronts a vessel owner or manager. Aquasteel as a coating barrier can make this a more easily quantifiable decision Aquasteel is particularly beneficial where blistering of the coating ( blister rashes)or premature rusting & corrosion is occurring at edges & welds that result in the tank, bulkhead or deck being classified as “Fair or Poor condition”

Rust can be present long before it shows undermining the coating protection system, just a small weakness can cause extensive corrosion issues particularly in sea salt environments.

extreme rust

extreme rust

ship deck
The reality of shipping is that the aggressive nature of a salt sea environment is about as bad as it gets. Aquasteel has been tested in Salt Spray Conditions and is effective in halting the process of corrosion before it goes to far.

Aquasteel can be applied to any rust situation as long as basic loose rust is removed and it is degreased (Aquamarine Aquawash is ideal for this) and clean from salt.   If you have humidity in an enclosed space – the product will take much longer to dry/adhere – air flow is crucial to enable the product to work and so this needs to be factored in.  If you are in doubt please talk to us.

All vessels have a coating management system, whereby the ship will undergo structure re-coating every 5 years. During this time the conditions endured by the vessel will induce rust spots and any coating weakness is revealed and only a tiny rust spot can procure a large rust and corroded area under the coating. Touching up rust spots can protect not only the coating but also the steel structure underneath and halt corrosion.

Aquasteel can be sprayed or hand applied.