Aquasteel is an effective rust treatment, rust prevention and paint primer all in one. Aquasteel is water-based, solvent free and free from harsh zinc phosphates, phosphoric acid and hydrofluoric acid. This means it is non-hazardous for transport, eco-friendly and safer for the user.

Untreated Rusty Chain Aquasteel


Raw Iron experiences a thermodynamic drive to react with the oxygen in the air in the presence of water to form Iron (III) Oxide, commonly known as rust. When other metals are oxidised such as Aluminium to Aluminium Oxide, this oxide acts as a protective layer, preventing the metal reacting further. Rust, however, is a porous and flaky layer which instead of passivating the surface of the iron,  does not adhere to the surface. This exposes it to further oxidation, weakening the Iron over time.

Aquasteel is a unique corrosion control system developed by Bayer-Wood Technologies which reacts with the rust, converting it into a complex organic iron compound. This copolymer latex emulsion system dries to form a black, impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture which helps to prevent the formation of new rust.


Simply degrease (we recommend using Aquawash) and, if necessary, desalt area before removing any loose rust flakes and dust. Apply Aquasteel onto the area using brush, roller or spray. To ensure the best protection possible two or more coats of Aquasteel should be used depending on the rust density and exposure to salt. Aquasteel should not be used in confined spaces. The protective black compound does not require washing or passivating. No primer or undercoat is required. Full instructions are supplied with each order and can be viewed on the datasheet or more information can be found here.

It can be left in its blue/black finish but it is also an ideal paint primer extending the life of paint up to 3 times its usual life.


1 Litre of Aquasteel will cover an area of 12 m2 .

Two or more coats of Aquasteel should be used depending on the rust density and exposure to salt. For further advice please contact us.


Aquasteel has been specially formulated for the most rigorous conditions. This makes it not only suitable for all home and automobile applications ranging from gates to metal fencing but also the challenging offshore conditions of sea platform legs and sea-going vessels.

Other applications include but are not limited to:

  • Car and Vehicle maintenance: subframes, chassis, bodywork touch-ups or whole bodywork projects
  • Vintage vehicle renovation projects (previous uses include Mercedes-Benz Gullwing, Chevrolet Bel Air, Lincoln Continental, Cadillac Series 62, Toyota 2000GT, Buick Riviera, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Citroen, Lamborghini)
  • Marine applications: ship decks, bulkheads, plates and stringers, oil rigs, engine rooms, steel-hulled boats and pontoons, touch-ups around portholes, masts and fixings
  • DIY and home repair projects: bikes, motorbikes, metal garden fences, metal window frames, metal beams, and renovation/preservation of architectural features
  • Steel bridges: web or bearing stiffeners, bracers, bolts and steel girders
  • Railway carriages, buffers, railway fixings, railings and steel track rails
  • Diving equipment
  • Oil wells
  • Rusty metal support beams
  • Agricultural machinery