Pontoon Case Sudy

These pontoons are treated every 3 years, they have no other treatment or coating and are fully submersed under water, the steel has been totally protected.

Excellent Product

Excellent Product, Easy to use after a good shake and a quick stir. It is non-toxic and after a simple application the Rust turned Black as specified. A second coat for good luck and then repaint the under & Top coat. I imagine that this 500ml will cover a vast area should I need it to. It is just what I have been looking for to kill rust where it occurs.

Just thought I’d write and let you know how pleased I am with the product.

Unlike so many products I’ve tried in the past this really is excellent.
It was purchased to treat surface rust on the underside of my Jaguar XJS that is 22 yrs old, I had the product applied by a local garage who also restore vehicles, he was impressed also, so much so I had to give him a small sample, I’ve also recommended the product to other members of the Jaguar club!

Before Aquasteel
After Aquasteel

Excellent product

Excellent product, Aquasteel converted the surface rust on subframes, suspension arms and backing plates to form a hard durable surface layer, ready for painting.
I found Aqualsteel easy to use with a brush and found it also works well with a spray bottle for larger surface areas.  I have also used in the past on my Cortina and Corsair and Ford Anglia. I have to say its really good.