Deck rust Treatment

Aquasteel has been used extensively on ships for deck rust treatment and numerous rust applications, traditional rust treatments are phosphoric acid which when used will last only for a few weeks at the most when rust streaks will recur.  Not only does the streak and orange rust stain recur but the rust is back and indeed the corrosion compromising the ship structure, visibly showing that the ship structure is being eroded. The Aquasteel rust converter is ideal for decks, it will extend paint life in excess of 3 years.  It can be used as a primer with a top coat but for most marine applications to get the most out of the product it is used with an undercoat and top coat system.  We have found no marine paints that are not compatible either in the commercial shipping market or the leisure vessel market.

Ship Rust Treatment

Ship Rust Treatment

Aquasteel is a unique corrosion control system developed by Bayer-Wood Technologies for use on rusted ferrous metal surfaces.

The ferrous surface to be protected is converted on contact to a complex organic iron compound by the unique de-oxygenating agent incorporated in the Aquasteel converter.

This black, corrosion-resistant layer is formed by utilizing all the surface moisture and oxygen during the reduction reaction.
The special copolymer latex emulsion system dries to form an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture.

Aquasteel is water based and solvent free. It contains no harsh phosphoric or hydrofluoric acids, making it safer for employees and for the environment.

Aquasteel can extend paint life in excess of 3 years.

Aquasteel easy preparation, remove rust flakes using a wire brush or sand paper or sand using a sanding device, de-grease and de-salt, Aquasteel rust converter may be applied damp.

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