Rust Converter

Rust treatment, converter and pacifier for shipping, cars and bridges. Salt water applications really show that our products withstand the most rigorous tests.

Preparation for Salt Water application:
Wash down any surfaces previously exposed to salt water conditions. For best results wash down using Aquamarine Aquawash degreaser ensuring the removal of oil, dirt and grease. Using a wire brush remove all loose rust flakes to leave bare metal where possible. Wet blasting of extreme rusted conditions is highly recommended.

Directions for Use:
Stir/shake before use. Apply the film at a DFT of 25 micron. This will give 12m² coverage per litre. A coating comb may be used to check the coating thickness. For badly corroded surfaces the coverage will be reduced accordingly. May be applied in damp and humid conditions.

Drying/Re-coating Time:
Aqua-Steel will be touch-dry in 2-4 hours dependent on conditions. For full protection, the product requires 24 hours to complete the full reaction. Over- coating (under or over coating) of water based products can be carried out after 8 hours. For solvent-based coatings the full 24 hours should be allowed.



Automotive – all types of rusty automotive vehicle applications including but not limited to cars, trailers, campervans, buses and vintage cars


  • car and automotive bodywork
  • Landrovers and Defenders,
  • car engines
  • subframes
  • Rusty Sills and sill wings
  • Floor Arches

Marine – All boats and ships, tugs, barges, pontoons, quay equipment, anchors, museum pieces,


  • hulls
  • decks
  • engine room
  • cargo holds
  • bilge
  • super-structure
  • bulkheads
  • mast stands and masts
  • railings
  • portholes and window ledges
  • door frames
  • hatch covers