Rust Converter

Rust treatment, converter and pacifier for shipping, cars and bridges. Salt water applications really show that our products withstand the most rigorous tests.

Preparation for Salt Water application must include the removal of all salt:
Wash down any surfaces previously exposed to salt water conditions. For best results wash down using Aquamarine Aquawash degreaser ensuring the removal of oil, dirt and grease. Using a wire brush remove all loose rust flakes. Salt-water deposits may also be removed with high-pressure clean water blasting.

Follow the same procedure for all other applications as follows:

(See Data Sheet for more information)

Remove loose scale, flaky rust, all old paint and dirt with wire brush etc.    Reduce any high peaks of rust. IMPORTANT – high peaks must be adequately covered by Aquasteel. Alkali, grease, oil, salt and chemicals must be removed with detergent water, wash and then rinse surface with cold clean water. Paintwork blistered by rust must be scraped down to the hard rust surface. DO NOT REMOVE ALL TRACES OF RUST. RUST IS NECESSARY FOR THE COMPLETE REACTION OF AQUASTEEL TO TAKE PLACE. AQUASTEEL MAY BE APPLIED TO SLIGHTLY DAMP RUSTED SURFACES. Work areas of deep pitting – AQUASTEEL well using brush.

Directions for Use:
Stir/shake before use. Apply the film at a DFT of 25 micron. This will give 12m² coverage per litre. A coating comb may be used to check the coating thickness. For badly corroded surfaces the coverage will be reduced accordingly. May be applied in damp and humid conditions.

Drying/Re-coating Time:
Aqua-Steel will be touch-dry in 2-4 hours dependent on conditions. For full protection, the product requires 24 hours to complete the full reaction. Over- coating (under or over coating) of water based products can be carried out after 8 hours. For solvent-based coatings the full 24 hours should be allowed.


Automotive – all types of rusty automotive vehicle applications including but not limited to cars, trailers, campervans, buses and vintage cars


  • car and automotive bodywork
  • Landrovers and Defenders,
  • car engines
  • subframes
  • Rusty Sills and sill wings
  • Floor Arches

Marine – All boats and ships, tugs, barges, pontoons, quay equipment, anchors, museum pieces,


  • hulls
  • decks
  • engine room
  • cargo holds
  • bilge
  • super-structure
  • bulkheads
  • mast stands and masts
  • railings
  • portholes and window ledges
  • door frames
  • hatch covers

All information supplied is based on our R&D experience & case studies from customers. There are many factors outside our control and knowledge which may affect the use and performance of our products and for which reason no warranty is given, express or implied.

Users should use the Aqua-steel advice given and accordingly, dependent on the many parameters of application, make their own tests to determine the applicability of such information or the suitability of any products for their own particular purposes.