Spray Equipment

Aqua-Steel offers a range of compatible spray equipment for easier application and larger projects

Spraymate £99.00®

Ideal for Low Budget and DIY users, an amazing performer at this price level. The lightweight gun has a 1 litre cup and 2 pattern air cap – horizontal and vertical. The flexible air hose makes the gun a dream to handle. The standard fit 1.8mm needle & spray jet size will handle Aquasteel.
All the benefits of HVLP in a compact and inexpensive package.  The water-based product can easily be rinsed away after use.

Motor Watts Voltz / Hz Turbine Stages Air Hose (metre) Spray Set Up hxwxd (cm) KG
1100 220-240/50 2 3 1.8mm 30x36x19 4

NB. 110 volt not available on this model

Spraymaster £303.76 ® 

Designed for the semi professional for faster application, the extra power of the turbine gives an enhanced finish,  with good coverage and the tough all-steel powder coated turbine power unit will handle everyday knocks. The high quality 5 metre air hose and aluminium hose connectors make this a rugged spray unit for on-site or in workshop use.

Motor Watts Voltz / Hz Turbine Stages Air Hose (metre) Spray Set Up hxwxd (cm) KG
1200 220-240/50 2 5 1.8mm 23x27x22 12

NB. 110 volt not available on this model

Pro-spray ® 15003 £531.25

Designed for the serious sprayer, this model has a powerful 1500 watt 3 stage turbine and the ability to handle all types of coatings. The all new ANB300 ProlineTM aluminium gun is the ultimate in feel and performance and comes as standard with this model.

 Motor Watts  Voltz / Hz  Turbine Stages Air Hose (metre) Spray Set Up  hxwxd (cm)  KG
 1500  220-240/50  3  6  1.3mm  26x31x25  15

NOTE: 110 volt available on this model on request


Optional Extras and spares:

A useful range of optional extras is available to help you get the best from your ANB300 Spray Gun

250ml paint cup for smaller usage applications, or for use in confined spaces, with storage cap

Alternative Spray Set-Up Sizes :  0.8mm,  1.3mm,  2.0mm, 2.8mm

Spray Set Up Sizes

0.8mm 1.3mm 2.0mm 2.8mm